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not so starving artist, poor twenty-something, part-time sociologist, London-crazed travel junkie, BFA holder, proud saleswoman, social networking addict, & bleeding heart liberal.

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I got the biggest burst of inspiration and I am going to stay up all night long and make beautiful art and I am so happy and excited right now. It has been so long since I’ve made art, and even longer since I came up with a new project idea. I am so in love with art and I am so happy that I am an artist and this is the way I am able to experience life and the world around me. The way I see things is so incredible and I am so happy and I just want everyone to love art and be happy and love each other. 

Time for me to stop being such a lazy artist and make some stuff. Let’s get creative here. I want to start a multimedia collage project. Here goes nothing. Let’s hope I don’t ditch out five days in.

Anyone want to help me out and decide please?!

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I’m having a love affair with this print.

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I once had this discussion in a studio class of mine. I love being an art major.

I once had this discussion in a studio class of mine. I love being an art major.

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I miss being in the darkroom. I can’t wait to be in photography again. My creative bones are itching for a studio class. I feel like the artist in me is trapped this semester. Too busy to make art on my own, and no studio classes. Not a good mix.

In love with this.

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I miss drawing.

I miss drawing.

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I fucking love this. So much.

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