jules tabooles.

not so starving artist, poor twenty-something, part-time sociologist, London-crazed travel junkie, BFA holder, proud saleswoman, social networking addict, & bleeding heart liberal.

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So I’m exhausted from working so much this week & pmsing/being emotional about everything. So I have decided to combat that by taking this weekend off in a way. And now the more I think about it, the more excited I am. I’ve decided that I’m going to be productive by doing nothing. Instead I will eat lots of yummy food (so when I start to feel like crap after I eat I’ll be at my house so it won’t matter), smoke bowls like crazy, lay out in the sun all day, make tons of art & listen to lots of music. But seriously, what else more could I possibly want? ART, BOWLS, BUD, BEER, SUN, FUN, FOOD, TUNES = LOVE

- Dan

- the weekend

- no more work

- no more massive commuting (after I get home tomorrow)

- I get sex

- cuddling

- not sleeping alone

- fun

- movies